How to View a Saved Password in Safari on Mac

In this article, I will explain how you can view saved passwords in Safari on Mac. Sometimes we need to login to different browsers but we forget the password we have. Luckily, if you have saved that password in your Safari browser then it’s easy to recover the password.

You can also export the saved passwords from Google Chrome. See, How to Export Passwords from Google Chrome Browser

View a Saved Password in Safari

Open Safari browser and from the top menu, click on Safari to see the Safari sub-menu. Click on  Preferences.

On Preferences windows, look for Passwords icon and click on see the password related options.

You will get a prompt that “Passwords are Locked” Enter the password for the users logged into the mac machine. 

Now you are in password-related settings. In the list, you will see all of the user names/passwords saved for the websites in the Safari browser. 

Now if you have saved many user names and passwords, you can scroll through the list. Once you find the website. Click on the selection and Safari will show you the password.