How to Voice Type in Windows 11

Windows 11 features highly built-in features. One of them is a voice typing feature that allows you to type by speaking. Windows voice typing feature uses online speech recognition powered by Azure Speech services.

This article will let you know how to voice type into any text box in Windows 11.

How to use voice typing in Windows 11

As mentioned earlier, the voice typing feature in Windows 11 operates by online speech recognition, which needs your PC to be connected to the internet so that your voice can be acknowledged.

To start voice typing, all you need is to launch your favorite application, then press Win + H on your keyboard to enable the voice typing feature.

Once you see the “Listening” option, you can start speaking. As you speak, the texts will be written in the text box.

To prevent voice typing, you can say the word “Stop listening,” and the voice typing will quit listening right away.

After telling it to stop listening, press the Win + H key again to re-start voice typing.

How to voice type punctuation in Windows 11

Windows 11 does not insert punctuation automatically whenever you start voice typing. You can, however, turn it on the “Auto Punctuation” option in the voice typing settings to allow Windows to add punctuation as you speak automatically.

To turn “Auto punctuation” on, press Win + H to open the voice typing window. Next, select the settings icon and turn the “Auto punctuation “option on.

As for the other less common punctuation marks, you can manually add specific punctuation by saying a voice command (e.g., comma, full stop, a hyphen, etc.).

Muhammad Imran Habib

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