How to Insert Table of Contents – MS Word 2016

Microsoft Word is used for many purposes in a variety of organizations all around the world. There are many tasks that are completed with the use of MS Word. MS word is a very professional tool and there are many features that are not available in front ribbon or are difficult to use.

Generating an automatic table of contents is also a technical task in MS Word. It is a cumbersome task to add a table of contents manually for a lengthy document. Any alteration in the positioning of the text from one page to another will required to change the page number and heading number manually.

It is also an unprofessional way to make a document. Automatically generated table of contents update such alterations automatically in the table on a single click at “Update Table. This article will guide you to add a table of contents automatically. Follow the following steps.

Insert Table of Contents in MS Word 2016

Click on the Start menu and type Word, open the Word app.

Click on the File at the top left of the window.

Click on Open and browse for the word file in This PC.

The document is full of text and headings. In the documents, there are various headings and sub-headings.

Navigate to References and click on Table of Contents on the top right of the window.

The table of contents is added, but there is no headings and sub-headings in the table of contents.

Go to the text pages, select all the main headings of the text and click on the Heading 1 in the styles option. Repeat the process for every single selected main heading.

Go to the text pages, select all the sub-headings of the text and click on the Heading 2 in the styles option. Repeat the process for every single selected sub-heading.

Go to the page in the document where Table of Contents is added. Select the Table of Contents text and change the color, font, and styles of the text just like the normal formatting of the simple text in the word document.

Click on Update Table option and select Update entire table and click OK below.

The table of contents is added automatically, any change in the document will change the table of contents automatically.

You can see that table of contents for the document has been added automatically with manual efforts.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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