How to Install Games to a Second Hard Drive?

Most  games can be moved around, basically, most games that can be modded easily can be moved to different directories. Ideally, you want 1 drive for Windows and applications (office, anti-virus, etc) and another hard drive for games.I myself have 2 drives. 1 for windows and apps and  1 for games.

What are the advantages of Installing games to a second hard drive or to a slave drive on a pc?

Keeping Games on a second drive is ideal, because if your OS is damaged, and you have to do a reinstall or reformat of the “primary” drive, your Gaming files are kept save on the secondary Drive. don’t have to go and rescue, backup, and re-load all those files!

Will that effect My performance?

The reason that you’ll get better performance out of having games off the main windows drive, is because of the “head unit” inside the hard drive. If it has to spin between the physical location ofWindows and said game, it causes the hard drive to work harder, and whenever it is not on the game, it’s running a bit slower…having a dedicated games drive, will ensure that you’re head unit won’t move until you’ve gotten to the next map, area, game, whatever.

Note: Do not install Games on a partition. this will slow down your Speed tremendously. The head unit inside the hard drive have to move back and forth between partitions.

Please let me know How is your performance after you installed the game on a second drive?


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