How to Install Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack for Version 4.0 & Higher

The process of installing extension packs on Oracle VM VirtualBox has completely changed. I lasted a very long time to figure this out and now Im sharing it with you.

Video Tutorial:

Here are the steps needed to install Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack:

1. Ensure that the virtual machine is turned off.

2. Download Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack 

3. Open Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, here click on File, Select preferences… to Open the VirtualBox – Settings Dialog box.


4. On the left side click Extensions. On the right side, click the add package icon to browse for the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack and double click it to install it.



4. The VirtualBox – Question dialog box will appear, click on Install.


5. Click I Agree to the VirtualBox – License.


6. The VirtualBox – Information dialog box will appear saying that Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack has been installed.


Now you have fully installed the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack.


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