How To Install Raspbian OS On Raspberry Pi

I’ll be showing you show you how to completely install and set up the Raspberry Pi OS on your Raspberry Pi. This same process applies to Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 3.

First thing we need to do is insert the micro SD card on to the USB, then onto the computer.


Video Tutorial:


Now Download and install Raspberry Pi Imager. Because I’m using windows I’ll download the Windows version.

Then go to your downloads folder and run the executable to install and launch the raspberry pi Imager.

let’s choose the operating system.

Here select the raspberry pi OS recommended. This version comes with desktop environment no unwanted Apps.

If we go to raspberry pi os (other)

we can find different versions of operating systems:

Raspberry Pi OS Light which doesn’t bring  GUI ( GUI are a pointer, icons, windows, menus, scroll bars, and an intuitive input device)  highly recommended for installing ownCloud.

Raspberry pi OS Full which comes with a lot of unwanted apps that you might never use occupying space on the Micro SD card.

I’ll be selecting Raspberry Pi OS Light because I’ll be using this Pi as ownCloud. If you just need to Install a raspberry pi OS with desktop environment then select the Raspberry Pi OS recommended.

Then choose a storage.

Make sure you choose the micro SD card. Selecting a different storage  might end up deleting important information on other drives.

Click on write. To start imaging the Micro SD.

Make sure you don’t have important info. on the Micro SD cause it will deleted and replaced with the Raspbian Operating System. Click Yes to confirm.

Wait a little bit until it’s done writing

Once done unplug the micro USB from the computer and onto the raspberry pi. you’ll have installed Raspbian onto your raspberry pi.


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