How to Install and Configure Remix OS on VirtualBox

Remix OS is a free Android version made by Jide, the company behind this operating system. This OS comes with certain basic Android features adding some missing functions that are present for Mac and Windows users.

You can find a windows interface, mouse and keyboard support, a system bar and file manager, etc. Obviously, it also has other 3rd party installed apps. Theoretically, you should be able to install this OS on most popular laptop brands, but support for more machines is being added with each new version.

In this tutorial, I am going to explain step by step how you can install “Remix OS” on VirtualBox, “Remix” is Android Operating system which is powered by Marshmallow.

Install and Configure Remix OS on VirtualBox

1. You can download Remix OS from its official website.

2. Open Virtual Box and click “New”.

3. Give your virtual machine a name and select the OS type “Linux 64” just like the below screenshot.

4. Customize your RAM size to be 2GB and that’s recommended.

5. Select “Create virtual hard disk now” and then click “Create”.

6. On the hard disk type page, select “VDI (Virtualbox Disk Image)” and then click “Next”.

7. When you reach to the page like the below screenshot, select “Dynamically allocated”.

8. Customize the disk size of the virtual machine iam going to make it 16 Giga Byte.

9. Now start the newly created virtual machine.

10. Once you had started the machine, it will ask for the ISO file that you had downloaded, click on the folder icon.

11. Locate the downloaded ISO file and click “Open”.

12. Now you are ready to click “Start” and do the installation of “Remix OS”.

13. After “Remix OS” boot, you can select between “Resident Mode” that will save your data and configuration, or “Guest Mode” that will not save anything and will remove all the data and configuration once you restart, for me am going to select “Guest Mode”.

14. Now “Remix OS” is ready to launch and its logo will appear.

15. Select your preferred language.

16. Click “Agree” to accept the user agreement.

17. You can setup your WiFi connection on this step, but I will click Skip as it’s a virtual OS.

18. Activate Google play for the OS.

19. Now, “Remix OS” is ready and well configured.


After this tutorial, you should be able to know how you can install “Remix OS” on a virtual box.


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