Install SQL Server 2012 Express Windows Server 2016

In this tutorial we are going to be looking at how to install SQL Server Express, Microsoft SQL Server Express is a powerful and reliable free data management system that delivers a rich and reliable data store for lightweight Web Sites and desktop applications.

Designed for easy deployment and rapid prototyping, this download includes support for Sysprep, Microsoft’s System Preparation Utility for Microsoft Windows operating system deployment.

Note: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. SQLEXPR32_x86 is a smaller package that can be used to install SQL Server Express onto only 32-bit operating systems. SQLEXPR_x86 is the same product but supports installation onto both 32-bit and 64-bit (WoW) operating systems.

SQLEXPR_x64 is a native 64-bit SQL Server Express and supports installation onto only 64-bit operating systems. There is no other difference between these packages. Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 Express is not supported on IA64 systems.


Net Framework 3.5

Net Framework 4.0 (Will be downloaded and installed by SQL installation)

You can simply download SQL Server from Microsoft site, following this tutorial will guide you how you can complete a successful installation of SQL server2012.

Install SQL Server

1. Once you download the SQL installation file, double click on it and wait till the installation wizard starts.

2. The installation wizard will start, and it will give you the option of upgrading or installing, click on the first one.

3. The setup process will display the agreement check “I accept the license terms” and click Next.

4. This page of the installation wizard will check updates for SQL-Server, leave it as it’s and click Next.

5. The installation is getting ready to start.

6. Now select the features that you want to install beside SQL-Server, it’s recommended to check all features and then click Next.

7. On the instance page of the installation wizard, choose a name for the instance or select a default instance. SQL Express is the name of the instance as we have selected Named Instance, then click Next.

8. On this step, you can keep the default user accounts for the services and you can also change the default collation settings if you are not located in the USA, then click Next to continue.

9. On the Server Configuration tab, you can select whether SQL Server will only authenticate using Windows accounts or you can choose Mixed Mode which will allow Windows accounts and SQL accounts.

“Mixed mode authentication is generally used so we will select it. Provide the password for “sa” user and then click on next”.

10. Next screen of the installation wizard is “Error Reporting”, just click Next.

11. Once you click Next on the “Error Reporting” page, the installation of SQL-Server will start.

12. Now SQL- Server is successfully installed.


After following this tutorial you should be able to know how you can install SQL Server 2012 Express on Windows Server 2016 without any issues if there is inquiry you have please comment it below and I will try to reply you ASAP.


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