How To Install Squid Proxy on Ubuntu on Ubuntu

Squid Caching Proxy is a caching proxy for the Web. It reduces bandwidth and improves loading times by caching when accessing frequently-visited.

I’ll be installing Squid on Ubuntu 15.04 64bit OS.

Install Squid 3

1. You must update repository and packages by typing the command in terminal:

sudo apt-get update

2. Now letโ€™s install Squid 3 and required packages:

sudo apt-get install squid3

3. Check the Version of the Squid 3 Installation:

sudo squid3 -v

The results should look similar to this:


4. To edit squid configuration file ‘/etc/squid/squid.conf ‘

sudo nano /etc/squid3/squid.conf

The results should look similar to this:


Setting up a Windows client

Go to Control Panel -> Internet Options.


Connections Tab, and then LAN settings.


In my lab the IP address of my Squid caching proxy server is and the default port for squid is 3128.


You can locate this address by entering the following command in Ubuntu terminal:


The results should look similar to this:



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