How to Install Windows 11 on Oracle VirtualBox

You can try out Windows 11 yourself as a Beta or test version by downloading the installation ISO file and creating a virtual machine in something like VirtualBox or VMware Workstation and installing it on a VM.

You can sign up for the Windows Insider Program to have the test builds pushed out to your PC but you might not want to use your main computer as a test dummy so its better to get your hands on the ISO installation file and boot your VM with this file and install Windows 11 to test it out before using it on your main computer.

Video Tutorial:

Note: Click Here to Fix “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” in Oracle Virtualbox

Here is what you’ll need:

1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox.

2. Windows 11 Technical Preview .ISO


1. Once you have installed Oracle VM VirtualBox, Run it.

2. Click the “New” button on the top left of the  in the main window to create a new virtual machine.

3. Name your operating system  something like “Windows 11” and choose Windows 10 64bit from the version drop down list. *VirtualBox doesn’t have a Windows 11 option yet*.

4. From the wizard, Set the Memory size to 4096 MB or higher.

5. Create a virtual hard drive as shown:

6. Select VDI from hard drive type window.

7. Now select Dynamically Allocated and click on next button.

8. This last window will give you the name and hard drive size. Here if you like you can change the default hard drive size to 64GB or more and click on create.

9. Select the newly created Windows VM and click on Settings, select Storage in the left pane, select the Empty IDE Controller from the right, then Click on the little disk icon, and Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file… to browse and select the Windows 11.ISO

10. Once selected click on OK.

11. Start your Windows 11  VM.

Note: If by any means this screen comes up then click on the little folder icon to browse and re-select the windows 11 ISO.

12. Select the Language Time and Keyboard method from the drop-down and click on Next.

13. Then click on Install now.

14. Check mark I accept the license terms and click on Next.

15. Select Custom: Install  Windows only (advanced) from the installation type window.

16. Select the only Unallocated drive available and click on next. This is the VDI Disk you created earlier.

17. This process will install all necessary files to the drive. This may take a while depending on your computer speed.

install Windows 10 Technical Preview 3

18. While in the installation of Windows the VM will re-start several times, don’t press any keys if it ask you too.

install Windows 10 Technical Preview 4

19. Log in using your Microsoft email account.


20. Once the local account has been created you are ready to use Windows 11.

21. Now you are ready to use and test Windows 11.


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