How to Launch a Web Application on Amazon AWS Cloud Services

This step-by-step tutorial will explain how you can get a sample of a PHP web application up and run it with AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EB). EB supports many languages besides PHP, such as “Java, .NET, Node.JS, Python, Ruby, Docker, and Go” but on this tutorial will be on PHP (other languages can do by the same steps).

You have to configure your EB application first, then setup your EB environment where your application will be launched into.

0. To get a PHP pre-built sample, you can download the application file. (This file is created by Amazon AWS team and we only use it to test the service).

1. Enter the EC2 Dashboard and click on “Elastic Beanstalk“.

2. On the “AWS EB” click on “Create New Application” to create and configure it.

3. Type the application name and description and then click Next to proceed to the next step.

4. As we are creating web server environment for our tutorial, click on “Create Web Server“.

5. Select the platform of the application “Predefined configuration” select “PHP” as for “Environment Type” select “Single Instance“, and then click Next.

6. On the next step locate the source file that you had downloaded and click on choose file and select it.

7. Write the environment info and the URL and make sure that it’s available to use and then click Next.

8. Make sure to check the second box just like the screenshot below and then click Next.

9. On this page of the configuration wizard, leave everything as its default and then click Next to continue.

10. Confirm and review all the information and then press Launch.

11. To Access your “EB” application go back to the main dashboard and you will see that the application successfully launched as it will show in a green box.

12. At the top of the page you will be able to see the URL of the application, click on it.

13. Once you clicked the URL you will successfully run the sample PHP application on the web.


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