Reset Windows XP Login Password Without Third Party Software

Changed the password and now you don’t remember it. or you have been locked out of your own Computer unable to work.

Don’t Worry, this Video tutorial will guide you to getting back on track without a Disk, program, or Hack. Using an administrator account Hidden in Windows XP.

Forgot the Password:

  1. At the Logon Screen press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice.The log on Window will change.
  2. In the new Logon window use Administrator as User name and leave blank the Password section and Click OK.
  3. Once logged in as Admin.Click on Start, Control Panel, User Accounts.
  4. Select the User that you have forgotten the Password.
  5. Then click Remove password on the Confirmation window.
  6. Log off as Administrator and log in as the User.
  7. Click Remove the password

Locked out:

  1. Right click my computer and Click Manage
  2. Expand users and groups.
  3. Then click on users folder, this will display all the users on the right pane.
  4. Right click on the user name that is locked out and go to properties.
  5. This will open up the user settings and remove the check mark “account is locked out”.

Video Tutorial:


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