Make Your Windows 10 Taskbar Completely Transparent

Windows 10 includes a lot of personalizations and options including taskbar adjustments, but if you want to make your task-bar completely transparent or blurry you need to use a third party application called Transparent TB. If you want to try it follow this tutorial.

1. First of all you need to download Transparent TB application.

2. Then extract it to your destination of choice (best is on the desktop), and just double click it to open.

3. Then when it opens, the task-bar will automatically be blurry, you can also change the settings to set it to pure transparency by going to your quick launch icons and just click on the application and you can set it to blurry, clear and exit the program.

Launch at Startup:

If you want to set this program to start automatically with windows you can easily do it by right clicking on start button and click on Run.

2. Just type in shell:startup and click Ok.

3. The startup folder will now open, so what you need to do is drag the application TransparentTB.exe to this startup folder using the right mouse button, then click on Create a Shortcut Here.

Now you can restart your computer and try it.

If you want to delete it:

Just go to startup folder again (Step 2 earlier) and delete the shortcut and restart your computer.

That’s it!


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