How to Map OneDrive as a Network Drive

By mapping OneDrive You’ll see the full list of files and folders available, even the ones not stored locally on your computer, you can access OneDrive normally without being synced to a folder.

By syncing folders between your cloud storage and PC it occupies Hard Drive space on your PC. By Mapping it, it doesn’t. This is by far the main advantage with mapping OneDrive as a network drive is that no files are stored on the computer.

Video Tutorial:

Map OneDrive as a Network Drive

Once you map OneDrive, you can copy or move files and documents back and forth to this location, and download files that its only stored online. Mapping OneDrive as a drive in Windows can be slow, and the PC has to be online for it to work.

1. Log into

2. Copy your CID number from the address bar. These are the combination of letters and numbers after the equal sign.


3. Right click This PC and select Map network drive…


4. In the Folder field, enter followed by the CID you copied in step 2.


5. You’ll be prompted to enter your OneDrive login, when done check the “Remember my credentials” box and click OK.


That’s it. You should now see all of your OneDrive files and folders under This PC.


If you want to disconnect the mapped drive just right click, disconnect.



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4 Responses

  1. Shawn says:

    This does not work for me. The CID does not show in the url, I looked under My Account / Subscriptions [] and found a “user unique identifier” that looks like it should be the cid. When mapping the network drive using this number, I enter my credentials and select “remember my credentials”. Then I get an error:

    The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occurred:
    Access is denied.

  2. Gary John says:

    I successfully mapped OneDrive as a Network drive, and I was able to successfully move files to it from my HD, but when I go to OneDrive via my account, those files do not show up. It looks like I have two different OneDrives. Is that possible?

    • Miguel says:

      I just checked on mine and it still the same.I dont think is possible. plus you posted not onedrive.