Fix – Most of the features have been disabled Error

While attempting to launch Microsoft Word or Excel, many users have received an error message saying “Most of the features have been disabled because this product needs an update”

Continue reading to learn how to resolve this error notice in most Office programs.

Check the status of your subscription

Close all running office applications.

Go to and sign in.

Click on Service & Subscription on the upper corner.

Under the Subscriptions or Cancelled subscriptions section, review the information. You may renew your subscription if it has expired.

Relaunch the Microsoft application after renewing your subscription.

Activate your Office 360 after the trial version

Open any Office application.

The Office Activation Wizard should appear and select “I want to activate the software over the Internet“.

Select Next and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the activation procedure.

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.

Install and run the application on your PC.

After installation, select Office and click on Next.

Select the problem you are encountering and follow the prompts to complete the activation process.

Reinstall Office

Sign out of Office and uninstall it from your PC

Reinstall Office and log back in.

Click Install Office from the homepage and follow on-screen instructions to finish.

Microsoft Office 365 is a fantastic option to subscribe to Microsoft’s suite of office products; just make sure you’re up to date so everything functions properly.


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