Move Mail from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook Database Archive

Outlook is very common email application which is universally used by many organizations for e communication. Microsoft designed and developed two different Outlook’s for most widely used OS such as Windows and Mac. Both email applications is very much similar to each other but they use different file formats and some features are way different from each others. The Windows Outlook archive provides PST file in the local system where as Mac Outlook file provides OLM database file. The single OLM file contains all the data of user’s mailbox such as email messages, contacts events, calendar events, notes, tasks and other items.

OLM file of Mac Outlook 2011:

OLM file is the database archive of the Mac Outlook 2011 in order to access OLM file in Windows Outlook users must need to move mail from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook PST file.

Need to Move Mail from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook:

1. Suppose, user wants to upgrade the Outlook version in their Mac system. In this scenario user would not be able to open OLM file in any other version of Mac Outlook. It may also possible that people need to switch the operating systems from Mac to Windows. In these situations you cannot open the OLM file or access its data because Windows Outlook only supports PST file format. Hence the only way to open OLM file in Windows Outlook is to move mails from Mac Outlook to PST file format.

2. Mac Outlook 2011 features are similar to Windows Outlook. Though many features of MS Outlook is imparted in Outlook 2011 for Mac but the features set of both the email clients are not exactly same.

  • Outlook 2011 for Mac does not run the plug ins that are available for Outlook.
  • Mac Outlook doesn’t allow to manage the numbering sequence as per user choice
  • Cannot create font sizes in Outlook for Mac outside the already provided option (4, 6, 7, 7.5)
  • It does not supports the read receipt and delete receipt option to know that the messages have been read or deleted. Both options is supported by Windows Outlook
  • Users will not find the ‘new contact from same company’ option even after adding new contact to address book in Mac Outlook 2011.
  • Outlook for Mac does not allow users to change the layout to “Classic View”
  • In Windows Outlook users can directly drag the mails to calendar whereas Mac Outlook does not allow the same
  • Outlook 2011 for Mac permit users to Import PST files but does not allow to export the PST files

Due to above mentioned flaws of Mac Outlook 2011, most of the users wants to move mails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. However in this situation how to convert Mac Outlook OLM to Windows PST data file is most sort after query.

OLM to PST Converter – Perfect Tool to Move Mails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

OLM to PST Converter is the expert suggested and trustworthy software that proves its worth at every point of time. It is the best solution for those who are willing to move mails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook PST file without any loss of data. This tool will easily convert all the data items of Outlook 2011 mailbox to Windows Outlook PST file formats such as emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and journals etc.


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