How to Play MKV Files in Windows 8

The purpose of this tutorial is to play MKV files in Windows 8. By default Windows Media Player is not able to play video format like Matroska (.MKV). If you try to playing this type of file an error will pop-up  “Windows Media Player can’t play this file“.

For this tutorial I’ll be using Windows 8 codecs packs to be able to play .MKV files in windows 8. Because Microsoft provides limited codecs with Windows Media Player.

1. Download Windows 8 codecs packs right-click and “Run as administrator”.

2. Follow the installation steps and finish the installation. Remember to decline any additional software installation while installing the codec pack.

3. After installing a codecs pack, restart the computer by default it will install Media player Classic so can easily play your .MKV Movies or files.

4. You can also play it with Windows Media player because according to Windows 8 Codescs you can play it on any player on your computer.

Video Tutorial:


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