2 ways to Recover Your forgotten WiFi Password

This tutorial will teach you how you can recover your forgotten WiFi password on your Windows 10 personal computer, you can recover it by using the WiFi network adapter or by using the Command prompt windows, follow the below steps of the two methods to guarantee a successful result.

Method 1: Get WiFi password from WiFi network adapter settings

1. Click on the WiFi icon from the task bar and then click on “Network & Internet Settings”, like the below screenshot.

2. Click on “WiFi” and then click on “Change adapter options”.

3. Right click on your WiFi network adapter and click on “Status”.

4. “Wi-FI Status” will display everything about your current wifi connection since how long you are connected and the speed and also the signal quality, but to view the WiFi key click on “Wireless Properties”.

5. Click on “Security” tab.

6. On “Security” tab it will display the security type of your connection, and also the encryption type, and also the network security key which is your WiFi password but to view it you have to click on “show characters” and then the password will reveal, just like the below screenshot.

7. Please note that on some computers it may ask for your window log in credentials to show the WiFi password.

Method 2: Know your WiFi password by using Command Prompt Window

this method is so simple and I believe that is my favorite way to get a wifi saved password, follow it’s below steps to make sure that you get a successful result1

1. From the start menu, Run CMD with administrator privileges.

2. Copy and Paste the below command and make sure to replace your wifi network name instead of “avoiderrors”.

netsh wlan show profile name=avoiderrors key=clear

3. As it shows in the below screenshot, the command had displayed the WiFi network name and also the pre-shared key of it.


After this guide, you should be able to know how you can know your WiFi password with easy two methods, the network adapter one and the CMD method.


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