Recovered Excel file that won’t open

The damaged Excel files may prompt up with error messages. These may be “Excel unable to read file” or “Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close”

Open and Repair

Click on the File and select Open.

Browse the location and folder where the Excel file is stored in the window that displays.

Select the Excel file you wish to open and fix from the ‘Open’ window.

Select Open and Repair from the drop-down button beside Open.

Click Repair to recover as much data as you can.

NOTE: If fixing the file fails to recover the data, repeat steps 1 to 4 and then choose the Extract Data option to restore the spreadsheet’s formulae and values.

Change Calculation Options from ‘Manual’ to ‘Automatic’

Click on the File tab and select Options.

Choose Formulas.

Change the Calculation options to Automatic.

Click OK and restart your MS Excel.

Repair MS Excel

Open Control Panel.

Go to Programs and Features.

Look for Microsoft Office app and right-click on it.

Select Change and choose Quick Repair.


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