Remove BIOS Password using Hiren’s BootCD

This tutorial came as a request from a user who wanted to know how to reset the bios password using Hiren’s BootCD

1. Download Hiren’s BootCD

2. Burn Hiren’s BootCD ISO

3. Change First Boot Device in BIOS to Boot From CD/DVD

4. Once we boot from the Hiren’s BootCD select DOS programs using the arrow keys.

5. Select number two bios CMOS tools enter and again number two BIOS cracker 5.0, press enter, few Windows will come up just ignore them and again press enter to continue and this done.

Best way to reset the Bios

what actually works for me is:

1. Unplug the power cord from the computer.

2. Lay the computer down on a flat surface and open the site panel.

3. Locate the battery, next to the battery you’ll see a CMOS Reset jumper. not all motherboards have this jumper, (some have a button to reset the CMOS some don’t have any buttons)

4. In this case were removing the battery even though we have a jumper to be 100% sure ithe password is removed.

5. To clear the CMOS and reset the bios all we need to do is move that jumper one pin aside for 5 seconds like on the video tutorial.then put it back to its original position.

6. Remove the battery make sure you remove the battery for 20 to 30 min.

7. Place it back and you should be password free from now on.

Note: Computer circuitry can hold power for a while after you take the battery out. That’s why he says to take it out for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise all the power will not drain from the motherboard completely. You should also wear an anti-static wrist strap or ground yourself before touching your motherboard. Electrostatic discharge can fry your motherboard or other vital components.

Video Tutorial:


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