Rename the Network Connection in Windows 7

The main reason behind changing the network name is specially for travelers who constantly are connecting to a different networks to access the internet.

Usually the network name stays recorded in the network connections settings. It would be ideal once you come home to be able to identify them in case you plan on using it again or delete it.

The re-naming of the internet connection is not absolutely necessary and its only intended for network identification. It does not improve system performance or decrease/increase internet speeds.

1. Click on start orb and search for Network Sharing Center, select it.


2. Then, Under “View your active networks” section, click on the icon, not on the name or its assigned profile.


3. Once you click on the icon, the “Set Network Properties” window opens. Here you can change the network name.


4. All you need to do is type a new name in the Network name input field. Then, click on OK button.


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