Reset Windows 10 Password without Reinstalling System

One of the big problems for Windows users is the age-old issue of a “forgotten password.” This is a big problem because if you forget your password, it means you cannot gain access to your computer, leaving you out in the cold without your files or applications that you need to access. Fortunately, there is iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery software program you can use to reset the Windows 10 password on your system, allowing you to quickly regain access to your PC.

The software tool in question is a simple “boot loader” program which changes the files and settings Windows uses to keep your software stored. Boot loaders have long been used by developers and are simple programs that load up before the Windows system does. This is very powerful because it means that you can use one of these programs to change a variety of things inside Windows that you wouldn’t normally be able to do…. and that includes changing/resetting your password.

To reset Windows 10 password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro program, you should first look at how Windows stores the passwords in the first place. All Windows systems work in a similar fashion – to save the passwords for your user accounts in files and settings that are then stored on your hard drive. These files & settings are not accessible from the Windows system but can be changed by using a software tool such as a “boot loader” that operates outside of Windows.

To use iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery program, you first need to download and install the software to your hard disk. Next, when the first step is complete, you should start the software, this way the tool creates automatically bootable USB or CD, and therefore you don’t need to use any other tools for burning the disk or creating bootable CD. Sit back and enjoy while the CD that you are going to use to reset your password is prepared. When the CD is ready, restart your computer so the resetting of the Windows 10 Password can start.

The program will find all the user accounts on your system, and you can choose which one you want to reset. As soon as you choose the user, the tool will start resetting the password of this user. Usually, you don’t have to click anything, just to wait for the process to end. As soon as the process successfully ended you will receive a prompt that will instruct you to reset your computer.

Reset your PC, and now you can enter the account without entering any password. Finally, this software is quite straightforward and includes the great tutorial to help you in details with all the steps I described above. It is safe and does not harm any of the files you have saved on your computer.

This process of changing the various Windows password files is a very reliable and effective way to change and reset Windows 10/8/7 login and admin password. It is safe and does not harm any of the files you have saved in your computer.You can use this software easily and is available for instant download.

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