How to Right Click on MacOS

One difficulty many beginner’s faces is a sudden loss of the right-click, This tutorial will tell you how to do a right-clicking works on the MacOS, and you will also know to do a right click with two methods, just follow the below steps. How can you right click if there’s only one button?

Method 1: Using “CTRL” Click.

1. You can simply hold the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard.

2. Once you keep holding the “CTRL” button, the right click menu will be shown.

Method 2: Enable “Two-Finger” Clicks.

1. Open “System Preferences…”, from the top bar after you click on “Apple” icon, or from the “Dock Bar”.

2. Click on “TrackPad” icon.

3. Under the Trackpad Gestures section, check the box labeled “Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click”. This will enable the “right-click” using two fingers.

4. Press your two fingers on the trackpad to right-click a folder/file, With the secondary click enabled, doing this will open the right-click menu.

Note: If you are right-clicking on a group of words, you will need to highlight them. Start at the end of the group of words. Click and drag to the beginning of the words. Then right click.


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