Schedule SyncToy to Run Automatically

SyncToy is a free application that synchronizes files and folders between locations. Typical uses include sharing files, such as photos, with other computers and creating backup copies of files and folders.

1. Type Task Scheduler in the Search box in the Start Menu and hit Enter, To open Task Scheduler.

2. When Task Scheduler opens, under Actions click Create Basic Task on the right sidebar.

3. To recognize your task enter a name and a description for your task in the dialog.

4. Choose how often you want to run the task. Click Next to continue.

5. You’ll be asked to add additional settings depending on the previous settings you selected. Enter the Date and time you’d like to start your backup in the box.

6. Then select Start a program from the 3 choices given.

7. In the Program/script box, enter the following including the quotes:

“C:Program FilesSyncToy 2.1SyncToyCmd.exe”

8. Then, in the Add arguments box, enter –R to run all of your syncs each time.

9. You’re finally finished.

Now you’ll never have to worry about running it manually again! Download SyncToy

Video Tutorial:


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