Set an Animated Picture or Video as a Background on Windows 8

Today you can set an animated picture or video as a background in Windows 8 using Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer this is a free tool that let’s you set custom image at the Metro UI you can also put animated pictures and videos as a background.

1. Download and install Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer a very basic installer, then run the program on your windows 8 or 8.1 machine.

Start Screen Customize 1

2. When it’s opened, select your custom media file by clicking on Load Picture under the image preview.

Start Screen Customize 2

3. When the windows explorer appears, Brows for the the image you want to use.

Start Screen Customize 3

4. When you select your image it will appear in the preview windows where you can crop it and adjust other image settings before you put it as a start menu background . when you’re done you can click on Apply & Save.

Start Screen Customize 5

5. After you click on Apply it will automatically redirect you to your metro UI start screen to view the new image there.

Start Screen Customize 4

NOTE:If you’re trying to put a video as a background and it’s not working the problem can be the video format, if it is a rare format the software can’t recgonize it.


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