How to Setup a VPN Server in Windows Server 2008

I will go through the basic steps to fully configure and access a virtual private network (VPN) server using Server Manager, and Add Roles Wizard in Windows Server 2008. after we are done you can change additional configurations to your VPN server

Video Tutorial:

Install Routing and Remote Access:

1. Open Server Manager.

2. On the left pain select Roles then on the right pain under Roles Summary click on  Add Roles to bring up the role installation wizard.

3. On the screen titled Before your begin read the requirements and click Next to open the Select Server Roles window.

4. Here place a check mark on Network Policy and Access Services and click Next.

5. On the third window “Network Policy and Access Services” read it and click Next.

6. On the “Select Role Services” window place a check mark on Routing and Remote Access Services and make sure Remote Access Service and Routing are selected as well. Click Next.

7. On the Confirm Installation Selection window, you’ll get a summary of what will be installed. Everything should look good and click on Install button. Once the installation finishes, click “Close” to end the wizard.

8. Click on Start, Administrative Tools, Routing and Remote Access here you’ll notice the RRAS disabled with a red down arrow.

9. We need to enable RRAS so right click on it and select  Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access.

10. This will bring up the Routing and Remote Access Wizard. On the first window, click Next.

11. On the second window, select Custom Configuration and click Next to continue.

12. Next, place a check mark on VPN access and click Next to continue.

13. On the last screen of the wizard, click “Finish” and then click Start Service on the window that will pop up.

14. Once the process is finished, and you are back on the main Server Manager window, routing and remote access should now be up and running.

Give Domain Users Access to the VPN

1. Click on StartAll Programs, Administrative Tools, Active Directory Users and Computers.

2. On the left hand side column, look for your domain users.

3. Right click  properties on the user you want to give access to. This will bring up the properties for that user.

4. Click on the Dial-In tab and under Network Access Permission select Allow Access. Click Apply and Ok to finish.

Open Ports on the Firewall:

  • For PPTP open:Port 1723
  • TCP Port 47 GRE

Connect to the VPN from a PC:

I used Windows 7 for this tutorial so ill write the steps for winfows 7:

1. Click on Start, Control Panel, Network and sharing Center.

2.Select Set up a new connection or network.

3. In the Choose a connection option window select Connect to a workplace. click Next

4. How do you want to connect select Use my Internet connection (VPN)

5. In the Type the Internet address to connect to window enter the LAN or WAN IP address. in the blank section next to Internet address. click Next

6. In the Type your user name and password window enter the user name as follows: yourusername@domainname and the password belonging to the user. Click on connect.


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