How to Share Files Between Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04

This Video Tutorial is going to show you how to share files and documents between Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 over the network. You must turn on file and printer sharing on Windows 8 computers because is disabled by default, and also download samba in Ubuntu 12.04 so Windows computers can find Ubuntu shared files and documents in the local network.

1. To Enable File Sharing in Windows 8. To enable file sharing in Windows 8, in the metro UI press the Windows Key + W keys on your keyboard to open the search.

2. When it opens, search for ‘manage advanced sharing settings’, then select it from the result on the left pain.

3. Next,Under Private Check mark Turn on file and printer sharing Save settings when done.

4. You also need to know the workgroup name of the windows 8 by right clicking on ComputerProperties, Advanced system settings, Computer Name tab, and Under Full computer name you’ll find the workgroup name.

5. Now that you know the workgroup name and have enabled file and printer sharing in Windows 8, The only thing left is to install samba in Ubuntu to share file and printer with Windows.

Enable File Sharing:

1. To enable file sharing in Ubuntu, go to the dash home and search for terminal if is not already listed under Apps. When it opens, run the  following commands:

sudo apt-get install system-config-samba

2. After installing samba, go to Dash home and launch Samba.

3. When it opens, go to  ‘Preferences –> Server Settings’

4. Then type the workgroup name of your Windows 8 machine so both machines can be member of the same workgroup.

5. Once you have made them member of the same Workgroup, Restart both computers Windows and Ubuntu. When you login, you should be able to see each system from either machines.

Video Tutorial:


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