How to Stop macOS Sierra Startup Apps

By using macOS Sierra, you can simply remove automatic startup applications which help you speed up your Mac and reduce internet bandwidth. In this tutorial, I will explain step by step you how you can stop macOS Sierra startup applications from running.

This means that when you log into your Mac, by default some applications will run though you don’t open them. Some Applications connect to the internet when your computer starts and end it’s connection when system turn off, while we never use them. Also, you will learn how to add apps to the startup list. When turning on your computer, they will automatically open up. So let’s get started, and follow the below steps to get a successful result.

1. Click on the Apple Icon and click on “System Preferences…”.

2. On the Settings, click on “User & Groups” icon.

3. Select the user you want to remove the automatic items from the startup and then click on “Login Items“ tab, after that select the application you want to quit or stop.

4. Remove automatic items one by one. Finally, you’ll see the screenshot below.

Add macOS Sierra Startup Apps

Sometimes you need to some apps that automatically start your computer turned on. For this demonstration, you need to follow step 1 and 2 of this tutorial. Once you’ve done it, click the “+” button to add as many items as you want. Choose the apps and click “Add”.


In this tutorial, you learned how to stop macOS Sierra startup apps and how to remove automatic apps on macOS Sierra 10.12. and how to add an application to run on the startup.


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