Sync Your Settings Across Windows 10 Devices

Windows 10 comes with the unique option to sync your settings. If you have the sync settings turned on the benefit is that Windows saves your Internet Explorer web browser settings, applications, passwords, Ease of Access, themes, and many other things in Windows settings.

If you’ve been a Windows operating system user in the recent, then you might already be aware of Windows sync settings.  There is three specific options sync setting to your app in window 10 to turn off or on any other Windows 10 sync setting you may just apply the settings below.

Turning off or on all Windows 10 Sync Settings in the Settings App

Turning off or on individual Windows 10 Sync Settings in the Settings App

Turning off or on individual Sync Settings with the Registry Editor (regedit)

You can turn the sync settings on and off in Windows 10 by using the Settings application. To get started, open up the Settings app by going to the Start menu then Settings gear icon and further click on “Accounts” from the Windows Settings menu.

Once you are inside Accounts click on the “Sync your settings”. You’ll allow turning on and off the “Sync settings,” plus having a play with all of the options for each unique setting.


To change the individual settings, you just need to pick the one you want and adjuster the switch off or on. If you wanted not to sync the password for instance, then you just turn off the option for “passwords.”

With the theme turned off, you can then have a different background for different devices from the one Microsoft account.

Before starting this step, the most important thing you have to turn on sync settings. Then open the Registry Editor by pressing Windows “key + R” type “regedit” and click ok.


You will find all the different Windows 10 sync settings in the following path: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SettingSync Under Groups, you can find the settings which you are able to turn them off or on by clicking on any of those and from the right bar, double-click on Enable to edit Value data.

To Turn Off an Individual Window 10 Sync Setting If you want to turn off the setting just type 0 (zero) and click OK or If you want to turn on the setting just type 1 (one) and click on OK.