10 Essential Programs After Installing Windows

Every so often, whether to update the version of operating system, or simply do a clean install of  Windows and therefore you  need to reinstall the programs.

Well, here is my list of 10 essential programs after installing Windows:

Dropbox.Everyone knows Dropbox. It allows us to store, share and keep in sync your files in a simple manner. It is multiplatform, available in Windows versions, Linux and Mac. This the first in the list because it is the first thing I instaledl on a new Windows, and other programs that you quote then I have always there, if I ever needed.

AVG. The most trusted free antivirus and anti spy-ware security software for Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. AVG is one of the world’s most recognizable names in online threat protection.

Notepad + +. To do specific tasks such as programming or blogging sometimes just enough for us to have a good notebook to write. Notepad + + improves the classic notepad and add lots of options and utilities, the most interesting to be able to select the language you are working from a list of nearly 50 different formats. By selecting the language our text will be colored depending on the format of the same, thus facilitating the reading and editing the document.

IrfanView.There are no more comfortable way of working with images. Not only has faster display, but allows us to edit certain aspects such as size, resolution, color palette and more. You can however, open about a total of 70 different formats and allows us to convert between most of them. It also has an increasingly extensive catalog of plugins that extend its capabilities.

CCleaner.Another classic. It helps us to maintain our operating system with an iron and free of unnecessary temporary files. Recently I spoke of the new version 3.0 also includes new tools has been edited to work natively on 64-bit processors.

AIMP.  AIMP is an excellent media player that supports almost all audio formats. Its user interface is very similar to WinAmp, which has already passed in previous versions because of its low consumption of resources and its multiple options. It supports plugins and skins and default EQ is very versatile and powerful.

Foxit Reader. It is probably the most PDF file viewer that is quick and light. Also allows you to annotate documents, highlight text, export as a text document, also available on Linux.

Spotify.Changed their way of marketing music and the music industry itself. A library of more than 10 million songs, exclusives, many groups hang their music before  is on sale, “an amazing musical quality with tracks ranging from 160 to 320 kbps … Oh, and all this legal form: Spotify has signed agreements with the major labels.

uTorrent.The most popular torrent client in the West. Simply download BitTorrent files barely uses the resources of the system and also distributed in a single executable lightweight. Improving every day through regular updates and recently left the Mac OS X.

Pidgin.Pidgin allows chat logging on to multiple messaging services simultaneously, such as Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger or Facebook. All under the same customer, quick and easy to use and with the same options as their original customers more new additions.

Most apps I mentioned are free. Do you have anymore to add?


I started this tech blog back in 2011 as a place to write down processes I took to fix my client systems and network. Now I write some tips and tricks to help others with the tech issues that one might encounter.

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