Transfer Files and Settings from XP to Windows 7

Transferring files or user accounts from one computer to another used to be Difficult. You can’t just copy the user folder from one computer to another – You can copy the pictures and videos but what about program settings, Internet favorites and saved username/passwords?To access the tool, You must Download and install Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP  once installed, open the list of Programs > Windows Easy Transfer:

The wizard will open. Choose the type of medium where you want to temporarily save the image file.  You can transfer files and settings using removable media such as CD/DVD, or an external hard drive.

Note: Both computers must support the transfer method you choose. For example, if you write the data to CD or DVD, the destination computer must also have a CD or DVD drive. If you choose to transfer the data across the network, both computers must be connected on the same network.

Choose which users you want to export from your old computer.  You may choose specific types of files and folders. Windows Easy Transfer does not transfer installed applications.

On your new Windows 7 computer, open the Easy Transfer wizard with steps that will guide you to import the contents of the file.  Once you imported the file, the old accounts files will be available on your current user account.

Download Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP

Video Tutorial:


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