Turn Developer Options On or Off on Android

Developer Options has a bunch of hidden options that can be enabled on android. They are not enabled by default and it has some unique options including USB Debugging. You can enable and disable it by following this tutorial.

Enable Developer Options:

1. On your android phone go to Settings.

Developer Mode on Android 1

2. Scroll down and click on About phone.

Developer Mode on Android 2

3. Then at Build Number rapidly press on it for about 8 times until it says You are now a Developer.

Developer Mode on Android 3

4. Then go back to settings and you will see Developer Mode.

Developer Mode on Android 4

Disable Developer Options:

1. Go to settings again and go to Apps.

Developer Mode on Android 5

2. Slide to All Apps and find Settings and press it.

Developer Mode on Android 6

3. After you have pressed it click on Clear Data and developer mode is gone.

Developer Mode on Android 7


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