How to Turn On and Off System Protection

This feature was also available in previous versions of Windows. But in Windows 10, system protection is made more expandable by adding system recovery features. Basically, System Protection and System Restore features complement each other.

Now let’s see how this works as “System Protection” saves system files and settings. These files are saved in restore points.

When something significant happens restore points get created in Windows 10, such as the installation of new applications, tools or program. Even if nothing significant happens for a while, the restore point will automatically get created every seven days. Basically, restore point is a record of changes introduced by the system or software event.

Whereas, system restore tracks drive changes, software updates or installations and allow the system to revert to the prior state if the formerly mentioned events cause any problem.
In Windows 10, system restore feature is turned off by default. The worst part is that system Restore is relatively hidden in legacy Control panel and isn’t something typical that user will come upon while browsing the new Windows 10 settings.

Turn On System Protection

Open Control Panel. Type Control Panel in the search bar to find it quickly. Click ‘System and Security’ and then go to ‘System’.

Click on the ‘System Protection’ in the left pane.

Under tab ‘Protection Settings’ select the drive that you have installed. If not, then your window will install in on “C Drive (OS)” by default and then click on the ‘Configure’.

Encircle the option available “Turn on the system protection”. Then click OK.

That’s it. Now your system will make “Restore Points” automatically. You can also create a restore point manually and we advise you to do before performing major upgrades to the system.

To turn off this feature, follow the aforementioned steps except for turning on system protection feature so just select ‘Disable the system protection option’.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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