Turn Off The Startup Sound In Windows 7 and Vista

This is for those polple who finds the Windows startup chime annoying? Especially after hearing it time after time after time.

Making sure Windows doesn’t play a sound at system startup is a pretty simple thing. Here’s how to do it in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

1. Click on the Windows Start orb.

2. In the Start menu, click the Control Panel link on the right side.

3. There are a couple different ways you can view your Control Panel. You can choose a list of all control panels, or a category view (which is the default view in Windows 7). Depending on which view your Control Panel is using, there are a couple ways to get to where we want to go.

4. You’ll want to click the Hardware And Sound option.

5. Click the Change System Sounds link under the Sound category.

6. Click the Sounds tab, and simply uncheck the Play Windows Startup sound checkbox.

Once you’ve done this, simply click the Apply button to save your change.

Video Tutorial:


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