Turn ON “Night Light” on Ubuntu 17.10

In Ubuntu 17.10 there is a cool function of adapting to the dark time of the day, which will help you to fall asleep more easily. In this article, we will tell you how to enable “Night Light” in Ubuntu 17.10, and also explain what kind of scientific idea is behind this addition to the system.

The “Night Light” feature is starting to make the screen warmer after the sunset, by reducing the blue emission. A variety of scientific studies show that the presence of a blue light in the evening does not allow a person to fall asleep quickly, because it affects the rhythms that control the internal clock of the body.

The “Night Light” is a system function, so you do not need to install any 3rd party applications.

The “Night Light” feature will automatically change the amount of blue light allocated by your monitor or laptop display, and all this, depending on the location or time of day.

You will need Ubuntu 17.10 (or higher) with the GNOME desktop environment. The function will be on Wayland as well as Xorg sessions, and will also affect several monitors at once.

To Turn On the “Night Light” feature on Ubuntu

1. Go to “Settings

2. Then “Devices”, click on “Display

3. Switch the “Night Light” toggle to “On

Here you can set up your own schedule or set the “Night Light” to turn on automatically from sunset to sunrise.

The function automatically takes effect at sunset, slowly warming up your screen. It is not tied to your main monitor it applies to any connected screens. When the “Night Light” function is on, you will see a crescent moon in the “Status Menu”.

The “Night Light” can be temporarily or completely disabled through the menu settings in the “Status Menu”.

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