Uninstall Windows and Install Linux Mint

When you finally decide to Uninstall Windows and Install Linux Mint, here is what you should do:

  1. Download the Linux Mint ISO image file
  2. Copy the ISO image to a Disk
  3. Change the boot sequece in the BIOS

Linux Mint Installation Steps:

1. Place the Linux Mint disk in the disk drive and reboot the computer, Linux Mint will boot up automatically giving you a countdown.

2. Once the countdown finishes you’ll be prompted with the Linux GUI or desktop. Here click on Install Linux Mint.

3. Select the language, then click on continue on the Preparing to install Linux Mint window.

4. Now Select Replace Windows in the installation window. Note: all of your windows files will be deleted so make sure to back it up.

5. If you have mutiple drives make sure you select the proper one from the Select Drive drop-down menu. and Install Now.

6. Select the Timezone, Keyboard layout, User name and password, Wait about 10 minutes and the installation will finish.

Video Tutorial:


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