Unlock Hidden Windows 7 Themes

There is a number of themes hidden from Windows 7 users. Only the United States theme is shown but there are actually four more themes hidden from view.

The MCT directory within the Globalization directory is hidden.

1. Navigate to C:WindowsGlobalizationMCT. just like you see in the Video Tutorial.

2. Once you have reached the MCT folder you will see five directories as listed below:

  • MCT-AU
  • MCT-CA
  • MCT-GB
  • MCT-US
  • MCT-ZA

3. Open the Theme folder in the selected region folder.

4. Select the theme file to use it.

5. Enjoy your new regional themes!!

NOTE: Once you select a theme, Windows 7 will save it so that you will be able to change or select this theme again from within the normal Personalization window location.

Video Tutorial: