Unlock Windows 8 hidden features with BluePoison

BluePoison is a tool for Windows 8 which helps you to disable Windows 8 Immense Start Menu, unlock the Applications folder, activate full-screen Snap feature on small screens. It basically allows you to unlock and modify all hidden feature’s and also you can change the Windows 8 default theme with it.The BluePoison is very handy if you want to change the GUI of your Windows 8, and customize it according to your needs. you will need Administrator privilege to do this.

BluePoision can enable/disable all the unlocked features in one, Including Windows 8 Immense Start Menu, hidden Application folder, and Aero Snap feature restriction. When you want to revert to default Windows 8 settings, click disable all to restore the default settings, including Windows 8 Start Menu, hidden Application folder, and Aero Snap feature restriction.

The application was developed to replace Windows 7 File Explorer with ribbon based Windows Explorer and to unlock PDF Reader, extended Windows Task Manager and Webcam in early builds of Windows 8. BluePosion now supports Windows 8 Developer Build Preview.

BluePosion includes a total of 10 non-customizable Windows 8 Start Menu themes. Since Windows 8 Developer Build doesn’t have an option to change the color scheme of default theme, this feature may come handy.

Download BluePoison (Website is in Italian, download link given at the end of the page)

Video Tutorial:


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