View Saved Passwords / Login Details on Your iPhone or iPad

There’s nothing as frustrating as losing or forgetting a password, especially when you desperately need it. Like Google, Apple allows you to save your passwords on your device and access them anytime.

This allows you to keep track of the numerous passwords you have for different websites without mixing them up. It also allows you to safely access your login details from another registered device.

iPhones and iPads also come with an iCloud Keychain that saves your passwords and login details and auto-fills them as needed.

There are two ways to access your saved passwords – manually or Siri.

How to View Saved Passwords Manually

If you want to check specific login details on your device, it’d be best to check manually.

First, open the Settings Application.

Then, scroll down and select Passwords.

Next, use Face ID or enter Passcode when prompted to access the passwords.

Then, select the preferred website or app to view the password or login details.

How To View Saved Passwords Using Siri

If you are in a rush, using Siri is a faster way to access saved passwords – a password list.

Say “Hey Siri,” then “ Show my Saved passwords.”

You can also ask for specific passwords. “Hey Siri, what is my Gmail account password?

That’s all to it!

Ori Otokpa

Ori is a medicine major, realtor, and content writer with over 5+ years of working experience. Through years of in-depth tech research and writing she has garnered sufficient knowledge to teach and help people find their way around tech. Ori’s goals are to broaden her expertise, travel the world, and go on as many adventures as possible.

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