What is Microsoft Authenticator App

What is the Microsoft Authenticator App?

  • One app to quickly and securely verify your identity online, for all your Microsoft accounts.
  • It’s also referred to as two-step verification or multi-factor authentication application.
  • Helps us to sign in an easy way, secured and more convenient.
  • Provides a second layer of security after the user’s password.
  • To login into Microsoft account, the user must enter the user name on the portal. Authenticator app will get an approval notification or request the user to enter the code generated by the app.
  • Once approval is done through the App then the user will have access to all his Microsoft products like Outlook, OneDrive and more.


  • For using Authenticator App Multi-Factor Authentication should be Enabled and the user should be registered with their phone number.
  • The user can also add multiple third-party apps if needed.

Download the App in the App store or in Play Store.

1. Login to your office 365 account and choose your profile then click on My account.

2. Choose Security and Privacy option and select on Additional security verification. Now click on Update your phone numbers used for account security.

3. A new page appears and selects Notify me through the app, Authenticator app or Token checkbox option and choose Set up Authenticator app.

4. Configure mobile app page appears with Scan option.

5. By using Authenticator App from your Android or IOS device click on Add account.

6. Now, choose Work account or school account.

7. You will be requested to scan the bar code from your phone to Configure mobile app page in the browser.

8. Once the scanning is done, Click Next at your browser window.

9. The app will be verified.

10. Authenticator app will get an approval notification to user phone and Click Approve.

11. After the approval, the user can see the Authenticator app and the phone is been configured successfully.

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