How to Know Who is Using your Wi-Fi

Nowadays WI-FI is a very important and at the same time insecure. Hacking a WI-FI signal is becoming easier with technology growing so fast, So today ill show you how know if someone is using your  WI-FI

1. Download and install  Wireless Network Watcher

Wi-Fi Watcher 1

2. Once installed open the Wireless Network Watcher software, you should be able to see your router device and see the list of who is connected to your WI-FI connection at that moment.

Wi-Fi Watcher 2

3. Now if you want to get notified any time when someone connects on your signal click on Options and check Beep on New Device option.

Wi-Fi Watcher 3

4. If the Beep on New Device doesn’t work when someone connects to your signal click on Options again and click on Advanced Options and check Use the following adapter and check your network adapter on drop down menu, this should do it.

Wi-Fi Watcher 4

5. From now on you’ll hear a beep sound when someone connects to your WI-FI signal.


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