Fix Windows Cannot be Installed to this Disk

Windows cannot be installed to this disk while trying to install Windows. This tutorial is going to help you convert your disk to (GPT) to be able to install Windows.

Note: By following this tutorial you will format the disk, that means all data will be deleted. Make sure to back up.

Place the Windows installation disc in the disk drive and re-start the computer.

Boot the PC from the installation disc. Make sure to disable UEFI.

difference between a disc and a disk 2

From inside Windows Setup, press Shift + F10 key simultaneously on your keyboard to open the command prompt window.


In the command prompt run the following commands.

Open the diskpart tool:


Identify the drive to reformat:

list disk

Select the drive:

select disk X

and format it:



Convert the disk to GUID partition Table (GPT):

convert gpt

Exit the command prompt.


From now on you wont get that message window.

Video Tutorial:


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