Wipe Free Disk Space by Schedule on Windows

Hard disk space is one of the main things on your computer if you want a lot of storing space , and most are filled with unused and temporary files created long time ago and as we all know when you empty the recycle bin the files are not deleted completely, they store themselves at a hidden location.

Today you can free up a lot of disk space for free and you don’t need to do that every day but by using a schedule that will do that automatically.

1. Download and install Eraser its free.

Free disk space schedule 1

2. Once installed open eraser, right click on white area and click new task.

Free disk space schedule 2

3. At task tab select Reccuring and then click on Add data.

Free disk space schedule 3

4. Now at Erasure Method select default (you can also select different methods that eraser offers but bigger the passes number is more time it will take the processes to complete but default is most commonly selected by all the users) then select Unused disk space, select your main drive and also select Erase cluster tips, then click ok.

Free disk space schedule 4

5. Now select Schedule tab and select the time when the wiping is going to begin. for exaplme: at 6:00 pm. then select if you want the wiping daily, weekly or monthly, example: we’re going to select weekly then select the days that the wiping will proceed once done click OK.

Free disk space schedule 5

6. When you click OK a new task will appear which you always can edit for different use or add other ones.

Free disk space schedule 6


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