Fix: Word isn’t Your Default Program for Viewing and Editing

When users attempt to open documents using Word, a dialog box pops up with the error “Word isn’t Your Default Program for viewing and editing Docs”. Even when users have chosen the file type for Word, this problem may occur.

Disable Word’s default program

Open Word and go to File tab and select Options.

Click General and look for Start up Options.

Unselect the option Tell me if Microsoft Word isn’t the default program for viewing and editing documents.

Click the OK button to save your changes.

Repair installation

Open your Control Panel and select Programs.

Choose Programs and Featured tab then select your MS Office suite that is listed there.

Right click on it and select change to open repair options.

Click on Quick Repair or Online Repair option.

Follow any on-screen instructions and restart Windows after the repair.

Uninstall old Office

If the method above does not work, go back to Control Panel and open the Programs and Featured tab.

Look for an old version of MS Office that you may have installed.

Right click and choose Uninstall.

Click Yes and restart Windows after uninstalling the old application.

Check default apps

Click on Windows 10’s Type here to search button.

Search Default Apps and click enter.

In the Default apps tab, select Set default by app and click on Word.

Tap Manage and choose Word for all file types its not the default app for.

Restart your PC to save your changes.

Select Notepad then Word as default

Right-click on the file with the error and select Open with.

Click on Choose another app, then More apps and select Notepad.

Click on the checkbox Always use this app.

Click OK.

Right-click on the same file again and select Open with.

Click Open with and choose Word.

Select the Always use this app option and click OK.


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