How to Add Dropbox link to Windows 7 Start Menu

1. First things first, head into the Customize Start Menu panel by right-clicking on the start menu and using Properties, then make sure that Recorded TV is set to “Display as a link”.

2. Next, right-click on Recorded TV, choose Rename, and then change it to something else like My Dropbox.

3. Now you’ll want to right-click on that button again, and choose Properties, where you’ll see the Library locations in the list… the general idea is that you want to remove Recorded TV, and then add your Dropbox folder.

4. make sure to set “Optimize this library for” to “General Items”.

5. At this point, you can just click on My Dropbox, and you’ll see, well, Your Dropbox!

If you aren’t already using Dropbox, you should really check it out—2 GB for free, accessible via the web from anywhere, and you can sync to multiple desktops.

Video Tutorial:


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