Re-install the Windows Store – Windows 10

If in case  The Windows store got corrupted, or you previously uninstalled it or perhaps it disappeared, you can always install it back using reinstall-preinstalledApps from Microsoft.

This ZIP file that contains a batch file that enables you to re-install any default application that comes per-installed in Windows 10.

1. Download and extract reinstall-preinstalledApps to your desktop.

2. Once extracted run PowerShell as administrator. If prompted with UAC dialog select yes.

3. Now run the following command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

4. To confirm hit the Y key on your keyboard and hit Enter.

5. Then Navigate the the extracted file by entering the following:

cd /
cd .\users
cd .\User-Name
cd .\desktop

Note: replace User-Name with your windows 10 user name.

6. It should list the file name “reinstall-preinstalledApps.ps1″

7. Now enter the final command to install the  windows store:

.\reinstall-preinstalledapps.ps1 *Microsoft.WindowsStore*

8. Confirm the Security warning by hitting R in your keyboard and Enter.

From here on the Windows store should be re-installed on your Windows 10.

Please if you have any questions feel free to post them bellow.

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