Q. What software do you use to record the screen monitor?

A. Screencast-O-Matic.

Q. What Microphone do you use?

A. HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

Q. What Virtual Machine do you use for your Video Tutorials?

A. Oracle VM VirtualBox is free!!

Q. What do you use as a backup and why?

A. Carbonite Online Backup. I dont have to a buy bunch of hard drives and software to create backups, also Carbonite offers unlimited space really cheap.

Q. I cant see my external hard drive when connected to my computer or any other computer, the lights are flashing on it as if is working but it doesn’t show up on any computer I plug it into?

A. 1. Please watch External Hard Drive not Showing Up if this doesn’t work then proceed to option 2.

2. In this case the enclosure or the HDD is bad. We need to do a process of elimination by removing the HDD from the enclosure and placing it inside of your computer as an additional drive. If the HDD is good then you can access to files and data of that HDD.

Q. What type antivirus do you recommend?

A. 360 Internet Security. Performs better than the paid ones.

Q. Need Computer Help Quickly?

A. Leave a post on our forums, you’ll get a much quicker response. Your question will be seen by a wider number of Techs that have experienced the same problem before.

Q. Where can you find your Windows product key?

A. You can find your product key attached to your computer or inside the Windows package.

Q. How many times can you re-install Windows?

A. As many times as you want If you are Installing it on the same PC. If you are installing it on different PC’s you require a license per PC.