How to Restore Windows Photo Viewer Windows 10

The process or restoring the Windows photo viewer is different if you Upgraded to Windows 10 or did clean install. This tutorial will show you how to restore Windows Photo Viewer whether you upgraded or clean installed Windows 10.

Option 1 – Restore Windows Photo Viewer from an upgrade:

1. Click on start button then type “Default Programs” and select it form the results.

photo viewer on windows 10 1

2. Then click on Set your default programs.

 viewer on windows 10 2

3. On the left pane under programs scroll down to select  Windows photo viewer, then click on Set this program as default.

photo viewer on windows 10 3

Option 2 – Restore Windows Photo Viewer from a clean Install:

1. Download and extract the Restore Windows Photo Viewer.reg zip file.

2. Double click on the downloaded .reg file to merge it.

3. If prompted, click on Run, Yes to the (UAC), Yes, and OK to any warmnings to approve the merge.

4. Delete the downloaded .reg file from the extracted location.

5. If you restored Windows Photo Viewer, you can now set this program as default.

Video Tutorial:

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  1. Thank you very much for giving me Windows Photo Viewer. Your download made it easy. Without your download, I couldn’t have done it.

  2. Thank you so much. I have been trying to do this with getting ZERO results from other sites, until I came to your site. The very first time I tried it from your site directions….100% success. I now have Windows Photo Viewer on my NEW installation of WIN 10. Now I have Windows Photo Viewer installed and set as my default viewer. It works.

  3. Gracias muy excelente la ayuda para instalar el visualizador clásico de imágenes en windows 10.

  4. Thanks. The Photo Viewer of Windows Ten sux. Windows 10 does great things, but its viewer is a pain. Windows 7 viewer is soooo much better.

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