How to Automatically Watermark Images in WordPress

Do you want to add a watermark to your images in WordPress? Many photographers and artists use watermarks to prevent misuse of their images. In this article, I’ll show you how to automatically watermark images in WordPress.

Hey restore the classic WordPress widgets, We have few articles in the past on how to disable Gutenberg and bring back the classic editor.

Automatically Watermark Images in WordPress

To automatically watermark images in WordPress we use Easy Watermark. The first thing to do is install and activate the Easy Watermark plugin.

After activation, you need to go to Tools » Easy Watermark to configure plugin settings.

The configuration page is divided into several tabs. The first option is the Watermarks tab. This option is to automatically add watermark to all image uploads.

This option is the one we will be using to watermark our WordPress images. The plugin allows you to add text, images, or both to use as a watermark.

You can also choose what type of image file to watermark automatically.

Adding a watermark

To add watermark to images is very simple, If you are going to use text as a watermark then select “Text” under Watermark Type.

Then type the word you want on the images.

Under “Text Options” select Font type, Text color , angle and opacity.

Immediately to the right you can preview how your watermarked images are going to look.

In my preview the image bellow is at 70% opacity. If too dark you can reduce the opacity.

This new image is at 17% opacity. A much lighter , transparent watermark.

Automatically Watermark Images

Adding image watermark to an image is simpler than text. Select “image” under Watermark Type, upload an image, select the position of the watermark. Then apply rules:

In this example no thumbnail image is going to be watermarked, and all medium, intermediate to large images are going to be watermarked.

Once done save and from there on all future images are going to be watermarked with those settings.

Watermark your old images in WordPress

To add watermarks on old images, go to “Media” search and select the images you want to watermark , select watermark from the “Bulk actions” drop down, select the watermark name and apply.

Important: Please note that this process is irreversible. We highly recommend that you back up your WordPress site, in particular your media upload directory.

If you selected the option to keep a backup of your original uploads, in this case you are able to restore your images, which will remove the watermark from all images that have them.


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