Create Bootable System Recovery USB Drive in Windows 8

If you Computer crashes and you didn’t create the recovery drive beforehand, you can use another Windows 8 machine to create a Bootable System Recovery USB and then use it on the crashed PC.

To Create Bootable System Recovery USB Drive in Windows 8

1. To get started, open the Control Panel and click on Recovery.(if you cant find the control panel right click on the desktop, Personalize, Change Desktop Icons, Selet the control panel, Apply and OK).

2. Switch to small icons view in order to see it like in the video tutorial.

3. Click on Recovery, Then click on the down arrow beside Advance Tools, Now go ahead and click on Create a recovery drive.

5. Click Next and it will automatically search for all available drives that you can use for the recovery drive. Choose your flash drive and click Next.

6. Windows will tell you that everything on the drive will be deleted, so make sure to backup any data you might need.

7. Now go ahead and click the Create button to start the process. Windows will copy the appropriate files to the flash drive.

8. The process takes just a couple of minutes and that’s it! You now have a bootable system recovery USB flash drive that you can use in case your copy of Windows 8 crashes. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial:


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